Family Trees and Various Lucea Links
Paul Crooks - Cousins Cove to Ghana Germans of Lucea - Plenger Charles Jonas - Will
Lyseight of Hanover Germans of Lucea - Johnson Simon Taylor - Will
Anne Tennant - Lucea USA via Ellis Island Germans of Lucea - Sanftleben  
Binns Family of Lucea Danish of Lucea - Jensen  
Dickson of Lucea, Cousin & Davis Coves Scots of Lucea/Hanover - Campbell  
Harvey from Harvey River & Goodison Jewish Synagogue in Lucea  
Charles William Brebner Bowen Family of Hanover  
Bigby Family - Maryland Johnson/Bean - Burntside, Donalva  
Kent/Kemp - Mt Piece Finnikin Family  
Edward James Bucknor    
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