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300 Club - This Club was founded in 1955 by the late Jack Kito, which marked the 300 years of British rule of Jamaica. Jack Kito Orchestra Band was the opening band, since then the following bands have played there, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, Skatalites, Celestials, Motherless Band.
Green Dragon - Was founded in the late 50's and owned by Augo Williams, it was located on Market St.

Border Line - This Club was founded in the 50's by Mr. Harvey, it was located by the Riley River (Lucea West River) Bridge.

Arcadia - This club was founded in the early 60's by Eddie "Sonic" Chin at Mosley Drive, what is now Kings Plaza.

Lucea Band - Lead by Bandmaster Cyril L. St Ledger Henry, played as a Marching band or Orchestra, it was founded in 1911.

Granville Edwards - Took over his father's Orchestra in Lucea. One of the Band favorite treat is  to serenade the Citizens of Lucea from the Lighters in the Lucea Harbor, especially in the Christmas season. Granville co-led a band with Jamaican alto saxophonist Eric Deans, for double-bassist, he had the Grand Marshall Lord Kitchener, a Calypsonian and another Windrush passenger and Manchester settler. Granville passed away July, 2004, please go to this page for a New Orleans style Tribute.

Kito Orchestra - Lead by owner Kito Campbell, featuring Barry Saddler on baritone sax and Pretty Muir on trumpet. This band dates back to the early 30's.

Serenades - Ike Bennett/Piano, Brian Atkinson/Guitar, Ramsey, Eugene Grey/Harmonica, Barry Dickson/Keyboard, Canute "Tingy Wire" Grant/Alto Saxaphone. Winner of Jamaica first Festival Pop category in 1966

Mathew Edwards - Founder of his Orchestra and father of Granville Edwards.

Sydney Watson - Mento Band from Mt Peace.

Motherless - Cecil Mitchell Mento Band

B.B. King - Mento Band from Jericho.

"Chi Baba" Raphael Orchestra

Barracks Field - Was the playfield of the British Military at Fort Charlotte, where the back drop is the Caribbean sea. It is the oldest continuous used playing field in Hanover.

Cricket and Football were the two most popular sports played there. Barracks has hosted Track & Field, Fairs, Agricultural Shows, Military Dressage, Parades, Cycling Races, The Royal Coronation Fire Works displays.

Watson Taylor Park - Situated at Bayliss Bay, Hanover's first public playing field was opened on November 19, 1960, and named after Arthur Wellesley Watson-Taylor who donated the land to the Parish Council in 1929 for the citizens of Lucea. In addition to a playing field, it has Beaches and Caves. There were Slides, Pull up bars and Swings for the children, other animities were, benches, Lawn Tennis Court, a Pavilion, Grounds keeper's quarters and change room facilities.

WTP was the official site for the Jamaica Independence Ceremony, where the Union Jack was lowered and the Jamaican flag was hoisted, Ivan St. George "Copper Head" Cobourn sang the Jamaican National Anthem, followed by the largest fireworks display and a 21 gun salute from the USA Navy

Lords Oval - Was opened on November 30, 1950, this area was a large pond, affectionately called the Queen's Washing Tub, until it was filled in by young men of Lucea, and they named it after Lords Cricket Field in England. Over the years it was mainly used for Cricket, a few years it was the site of Lucea's Christmas tree, and once hosted a Cuban Circus. The opening event for Lords Oval was a cricket match between Lucea Central CC and Auchtembeddie CC, Lucea Central CC won with a score of 79 runs, Astley Young 28 & H. James 25, Auchtembeddie CC 59 runs, E. Vassall 16, H. Miller 13 & E. White 12.

Copperwood Race Track -

Dancehalls - Open Air   Lodgings
Dockery - On Waterloo Drive, Wang Sang Sound System the number one Sound.

Slaughter House - On Old Johnson Town Rd., by the Riley River

Stewart - On Old Johnson Town Rd.

Progressive - On Waterloo Drive, operated by the Progressive League.
Peter Fry's Canary - On Hanover St, operated Fry Townsend.
Cliff Movie Theater - The opening was on Saturday June 11, 1946, featuring Rita Hayworth in Tonight and Every Night in Technicolor.

Country Club - A private membership club, that opens the doors for the big New Years Eve Ball, they also host the Naval Officers from the Man-O-War ships.

Coney Island - Was mostly held on the various DeLisser wharves properties during the Christmas season, featuring games of chance.
Tamarind Lodge - Santfleban converted is house to  Lucea's first hotel, and was later owned by Sarah Marzuca.  Notable guests are, Heads of government, movie stars, Ships Officers

Bed & Breakfast - Provided by Jack Kito at the 300 Club on Hanover St..

Bed & Breakfast - Provided by Boland Clarke at By-The-Rocks on Waterloo Drive.

Bed & Breakfast - Provided by Shaggy Munroe, on Hanover St.

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