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Shipping - Export/Import


Man-O-War Boats Making Port of Call.


U.S.S Harlan R. Dickson, Commander Barret Vahan Ajemian, 9/02/1955, 4 days stay.
8/03-07, 1962(For
Jamaica's Independence)

- U.S.S. Papago, Captain E. W. Wyse,
9/01/1956, 3 days stay.

- U.S.S Gainard, Commander Richard Griswald,
7/01/1963, 5 days stay.

U.S.S. Dealey, LT. Commander Edward Whiteman, 5/28/1961


- H.M.S. Bounty, Captain William Bligh, 1783 - 1787

- H.M.S. Providence, Captain William Bligh, 2/05/1793

- H.M.S. Tweed, 10/29/1832

- H.M.S Druid, 3/03 -3/07, 1882,

- H.M.S. Forward, 10,21,1886, Lieut. Commander Furlanger


- H.M.S Urgent, 8/1893.

- H.M.S. Tarter, 8/21/1895

- H.M.S. Wistaria
, 1/14/1923

- H.M.S. Sparrow, Captain L. Thomas,
8/31/1951, 2/2/1952

- H.M.S. Vidal, Captain E.G.
Irving, 8/02/1957

- H.M.S. Ulster, Commadore W. J. Parker, 2/28 - 3/03, 1959.

- Britannia- In 1965 the Britannia sailed from Lucea to Montego Bay with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, after she completed her island tour in Lucea.


Almandarez, Chevaulanzy, 10/23/1886

- Canada.


Bananas - Ship weekly from Lucea and Green Island to England via the S.S. Jamaica  Producer, S.S. Jamaica Planter, S.S. North Star, S.S. Coppername, Gulfito and S.S. Castillo.

Sugar - Export from storage houses in Lucea and Savanna-La-Mar.

Rum - Exported from Kew Estate at the
Kew wharf.

Wood - Export Fustic, Bullet, Logwood from the Logwood area of

Dye - Export from the Logwood area of

Spices - Exported world wide, Pimento, Ginger, Turmeric,

Yam - Export Lucea Yam to
Panama for the Jamaican Canal workers as early as 1850. Cuba was also another destination for Plantains, Cocoa. Ackee.

Cattle - Export to Trinidad & Tobago

Rice - Imported from
Guyana (British Guinea) and receive by Hanover Agency Ltd.

Asphalt - Imported from
Trinidad and Tobago, received by the Hanover Public Works Department and The Hanover Parish Council.

Salt - Imported From Turks & Cacios by Hanover Agency Ltd.

Lumber - Imported and Received by Hanover Agency Ltd and
Henderson Moo Young from British Guinea.


Easter Regatta- During the 50's and early 60's there was annual yacht race from Lucea to Montego Bay. There could be as many as forty yachts. Fire Fly was a champion boat built in Lucea.

Boat Building- There was building of Schooners, Cutters, Sloops, Yawls, Lighters, Drogher, Yacht, Canoe and Launches in Lucea.

Winslow - A schooner that carry Ice from Mo Bay to Lucea.

Packet Canoe – Used to for passenger transportation.

Lighters - Were used to ferry cargo to and from the boats, they would be assisted at times by the launch "Dilly".
Often times citizens would hire the Lighters for Sunday evening cruise on the harbor, or were used by Granville Edwards Band, to serenade the Town during the Christmas season.

You could often see the Lighters going to the town of
Green Island(12 miles away) to be used for the shipping of Bananas, Sugar and Rum.


Captain William Bligh - Captain Bligh lived in Lucea, where he conducted the first charting of the Lucea Harbor. He and Fletcher Christian set sail for Tahiti to get the Breadfruit plant. It was on a return voyage that the famous "Mutiny on the Bounty" occurred.

Captain Henry Morgan (Pirate) From Pirate to Governor.

Lord Horaito Nelson - Admiral of the Seas.

Calico Jack(Pirate) - Previously known as Jack Rackman





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